Michael Pellissey



Michael Pellissey

Michael is a renowned carver and jeweler from the Deh Cho in Canada’s Northwest Territories.  Mike was born in Wrigley, NT and derives his inspiration from the animals and birds of the Northwest Territories (NT and Nunavut).

The Fort Simpson resident began carving with driftwood when he was young. His mentor was his grandfather who also made native artwork, such as drums, snowshoes, and boats out of wood.  He too was a gifted artist.  He has also carved and learned from carvers such as Bob Kussy.


Today Michael carves from stone and bone.  One of his favorite materials is ivory, from which he makes his trademark eagles.  They are carved from the ivory tusk of the walrus.  Every inch of the tusk must be carefully used in order to release the eagle from its ivory case.  The detail is very intricate on these eagles.

Many of Michaels carvings are made using moose horn, or pieces of buffalo horn (for eyes, especially).

The rock that Michael brings to life is a tribute to his artistic ability and patient hands.

Fine examples of Michael’s Work

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