Whether you desire a simple keepsake or an inspired soapstone carving,

ART CANADA can meet your needs.

We Proudly Feature:

Authentic Aboriginal Carvings
From the Northwest Territories

The carvers and artists of Northern Canada are renowned for their ability.

Our Artists include: Jerome Ekinla, Anthony Antoine, Floyd Grossetette, Micheal Pellissey, and Dolly Metchooyeah
Do you have particular requirements? Art Canada can work with local carvers to create a custom work of art just for you

Contact: Art Canada Box 563 Fort Simpson, Northwest Territories Canada X0E 0N0 Email: Sean Whelly

New Carvings:  Grizzly 2009

 Snowy V  2009 Sold

Hope 2009

Buffalo (wood) 2007

Buffalo (Neolithic) 2007

Beluga Twins 2007 Sold

Ducks Unlimited  2007 Sold

All around the world carving is becoming an increasingly popular hobby to take up. Canada is not the exception. Whittling is a meditating activity that distracts you from a whole lot of various problems and issues that your brain is working on over and over again. Focusing on the wood and tool in your hands, you feel closer to nature, alive and united as one. Even more, you get the opportunity to create unique gifts for your friends and family that will show your feelings, love and appreciation – and yours only. 


There are quite a lot of tutorials and patterns to start learning or maybe go back to the hobby that you didn’t have the time for. There are books and resources on some intricate details that aren’t easy to work on alone. Thanks to the Internet, we have access to quite a lot of valuable information and handy tools that will make your carving life easy and pleasant.


So let’s find out more about the kind of tools you can get and operate here in Canada!

Wood carving tools Canada: what to select

It’s worth mentioning that most of the quality wood carving tools Canada may be not only bought here locally, but also ordered from a lot of the carving stores all around the globe. You simply have to make sure they’ve got worldwide delivery (or at least delivery to Canada since that is our goal, right?)


The first thing you have to figure out for yourself is the purpose of instruments you’re looking for. If you are a beginner, it will be a good idea to source for some take on that before purchasing anything. The tools you require will depend on what you want to work on so don’t hurry into any rash decisions.


There are knives, gouges, and various accessories for stropping. The choice is up to you and your functional preferences: knives are required for outlines, detail adding or specific kinds of work such as chip carving. Chisels (that can also be called gouges) are sometimes considered European replacement for knives. That’s not very surprising because they can indeed replace them: a good chisel set will do all the work you’ll do with the knives.


Chisels have more variables and more factors to pay attention to but they are worth it. You can use bent gouges with a large scoop to create concave shapes that you’ll otherwise make with a hook knife, the flat chisels can be used as an alternative for a general carving knife since they serve the same purpose of main outlining and getting rid of waste wood. V-profiled narrow chisels will be perfect for detailing the lines as you go without using the detail knife.


My point is: most of the tools are replaceable. There are alternatives and different things to try out so don’t get set on one thing in your mind unless you’ve already tried it and it is awesome. 

Which are worthy wood carving knives Canada?

When you think of getting yourself a knife or two for carving, don’t forget: not every knife is usable, profitable or good. There are things to look for in a knife, especially the one that should cut something harder than apples or tomatoes in the kitchen. The tools you choose for wood whittling have to be tougher and stronger than any other general knife, they have to feel comfortable in your hands because usually you, again, spend more time working on your carving project than in the kitchen cutting vegetables.


Think of the materials your potential future purchase is made of. There are various kinds of steel that are used for knives, the ones whose purpose is to cut wood should be made out of high-carbon steel since it’s the most durable and tough option amongst those that won’t cost you an arm and leg. It also stays sharp longer and is easy to make extra sharp again with a little bit of stropping action.


Having a proper handle on your knife is also extremely important. You are expected to hold it in your hand more than 1 hour per carving session so if it is slippery – it won’t do you any good. If it is too big or too small for your hand, you won’t feel comfortable while carving. The least problem with that will be getting irritated and finishing all too quickly, the worst – getting hand pains because you are too stubborn or focused on what you do to notice the discomfort.


Overall, the best choice for the shaft would be something wooden, light, of medium size. Something you’ll feel pleasure while holding, not a plastic mass market knife.


If all of this seems a little bit too confusing, don’t worry: you’re not alone in this boat. You don’t have to order a full scope of knives if you don’t feel sure in what you are doing. You don’t have to stress yourself about this – surely, there are tons and tons of forums where you can ask for some advice on the topic of proper Canadian knives.


However, one more solution to the problem can become getting a starter’s carving set.

The benefit of purchasing wood carving kits Canada

The whole beauty of using the carving kit to easen up your routine and overall bother yourself less with the whole thinking on confusing topics is in the fact that you won’t have to worry too much. The manufacturers know much more about carving tools than you may. They know what’s best for different kinds of things and are usually more than ready to assist when it comes to you choosing their product.


So why not look for wood carving kits Canada and make a huge step towards carving effortlessly? There are sets that even include wood and stropping kits to keep your instruments sharp and smooth. Buying everything together will save you time, money and nerve wracking.


Of course, the choice stays yours. If you know for certain what you want – go ahead and try it out. But if you don’t – it might be a good idea after all to get yourself a carving set to get it over with and start whittling sooner.